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Answers to the questions Clients ask the most

1. What do you do with the information I submit?

All the information you share with us is confidential and will only be used by the I Buy Houses acquisitions team designated to buy your property.

2. I submitted my property information on your website, am I obligated to sell you my house? 

Not at all. If interested we will contact you.

3.  Do you charge a fee to make an offer on my home? 

We never charge a fee to come out and view or make an offer on your home.

4.  How much will you offer me for my house? 

We look at the location, what repairs are needed, condition, and values of comparable houses that sold in the area recently. We take everything into consideration and come up with a fair price that works for all parties.

5.  Will you really buy my house? 

We purchase all types of homes. The size, age, location and type are not important. We are experts at buying, renovating and re-selling property.

6.  What is the benefit of working with you? 

We are actually in the business of buying properties in Connecticut. We operate solely with in the state. Unlike some of the nationwide companies that collect information only to resell or transfer it to third parties.

6.  My house is clean, in great condition and ready for market. However I need it sold quickly and cannot afford to wait. 

Feel free to contact us we have the ability to make a competitive offer on your property in any condition. You will have an offer in 24 hours or less.

7.  What is the difference of selling my house to you or listing it with a Real estate agent? 

Real estate Agencies typically charge a 5-6% commission on the sale price of your home and cannot guarantee the home will be sold or that it will sell at the price you listed it at. It is also today's norm that the seller pays all closing cost and may also be required to make costly repairs to finalize the deal. We will by your house directly from you in as-is condition and we pay all fees.

8.  What if I already have a Real Estate agent?

Go ahead and contact us anyways and we can discuss the specifics of your situation. Please note in most cases we cannot purchase your home until your listing agreement has expired.

9.  I have moved out of the state do I have to come back for the closing?

We can handle it for you, and send you a check by mail.